Wrong Way Of Building An Email Contact List. Update 0.

email contat list Wrong Way Of Building An Email Contact List. Update 0.I am working currently on an article about getting trafffic to websites. During my research I came across a service called trafficjab.com. Then I remebered that I had tried this amongst others for building my email contact list before. I thought it might be worth a post to tell how that was for me then.
I started this list building on advice of Russell Brunson (Dotcom Secrets X and Glen Hopkins (All Access Club). They stress how important an email list is and I agree. But what these guys are recommending simply didn’t work for me:
You build landingpages with one free offer and one or two upsells and start driving traffic using free and paid solo ads.
A couple of the landing pages I built then are still active so you can have a look although I might do other things with those pages some time. Here are two of them: Infinite Sales and It’S All In The List.

The problem I had with the free solo ads was the ratio of sent emails to subscriptions which was between 1000 to 1 and 5000 to 1. Well you can do the maths yourself to see that it would take ages to get a list of a couple of 1000 subscribers. The problem stems from the way free solo ads work. You get credits for each mail you open and / or each link you click. What people do is clicking to get their credits not paying much attention to the content.

With the paid solo ads the problem was that the revenue both from upsells and follow up offers was less than my expenses. The courses I mentioned above claimed that you earn money doing paid ads instead of loosing some. But for me that just was not the case.

I remember having read somewhere you shouldn’t use freebies to build your list. The reason was that you want a list of buyers and not of freebie hunters. Keep that in mind when building a list to make money from.

I quit those two memberships since the money they cost didn’t come back. With this I don’t want to judge those courses. Maybe I should have tweaked my methods longer but somewhere you have to stop and think things over.

Now I’m going with Profit Marketer as a Mentor meaning a lifetime membership for a one time payment. No recurring fees! And I’m happy with it up to now.

The biggest fake I encountered at that time was this trafficjab.com. They sell traffic very cheap so I bought solo ads from them. Big mistake! They have their own counters and you get a link to check the results. But while their counter was counting up and up and up neither of my analytics programs showed one single count and I didn’t get one single subscription from that. When I contacted them about this issue they replied that they only refer to their own counters as was stated in the terms of service. Well, what could I do.

I highly recommend leaving trafficjab alone and go for serious offers when buying solo ads.

I hope this helps you avoiding the mistakes I made while trying to build an email contact list.

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