What Landing Page Design Should I Go For?

LandingPageDesign What Landing Page Design Should I Go For?I had my niche, my product to promote and a first choice of keywords to target. Now it was time to think about landing page design.

Since I wanted to go with a static site, not a classic blog, I needed some sort of platform. I still wanted that page on a WordPress installation. First I thought of installing it on the installation you are reading this on. But I encountered some technical issues with compatibility of the plugins I had in mind and the theme.

Then I remembered I had installed a sub domain on roxph.com namely pages.roxph.com. So I decided to use that one and clone the installation of roxph.com which was installed to my satisfaction with all the settings and plugins to pages.roxph.com. I was going to use the tool WP Supervisor of Profit Marketer. There I had some problems as well with the file uploader. But in the end I could work around that problem and finally had an identical WordPress installation on pages.roxph.com.

Next thing was to install another theme namely OptimizePress which is specialized in making squeeze pages, sales pages and more.

Now my platform was ready to take up some content. The product I was going to promote was “Dog Food Secrets”, an ebook about making healthy dog food at home. So I had in mind to publish a couple of dog food recipes on my landing page and redirect my visitors to the sales page of “Dog Food Secrets” for a video on the danger of commercial and the benefits of homemade dog food.

But before arming the landing page I thought it might be a good idea to see how my competitors did it.

I went over to Ezinearticles and did a search for dog food secrets once more. Here I clicked on the links to see where I was landing.

The first one was an informative good article with a link to the offer I wanted to target. The second one was a review made up like a sales page sending the visitors to the actual sales page. The third was just an article without link. The same for the fourth article. The next led to a squeeze page offering Dr. Jones secret cat and dog health secrets. Next a dead link. Then an informative landing page.

Well I’ll stop here. After having checked about 15 articles the bottom line is: About one third of those articles have a link to landing pages. None of them offer free recipes. They all concentrate on the danger of commercial dog food and on the benefits of home made food. But the book covers a lot more than that. It covers all aspects of keeping your dog healthy, from food over grooming to first aid.

I thought I was going to target the broad view on my landing page so not to be limited in the topics to write my articles about.

Well I think that was it so far. Now I would be going to decide no a landing page design and fill it with content before starting my marketing campaigns.

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