What Is The Best Landing Page Design?

LandingPageDesign1 What Is The Best Landing Page Design?When searching for a good keyword to target for my last article I came across a couple of interesting pages and articles. So I decided to do a little more in depth research on what makes the best landing pages.

First of all I got a better understanding of what a landing page is at all. The single purpose of a landing page is to get one certain action of your visitor, be it that he opts in with his email address, be it that he hits the buy now button or anything else. There should be no distractions no banners, buttons or links to click but the one single button you want him to click. And the whole page should focus on that single action.

Refer to the topic or keyword that brought the visitor to your site. Remind the visitor of the site he came from.

Keep the page short and put the information on the page in a way that the visitor can decide within seconds to take the desired action or to leave the page.

Add value. The prospect should find a bit of what he or she was looking for and should be promised to get more on taking action.

James Gardner puts it even shorter:

“A landing page should clearly articulate what the consumer is going to get
A landing page should make it clear how the consumer is going to get it
A landing page should make it easy for the consumer to get what they want”

Landing page design is not a purpose in itself. The single purpose is to get the desired action of your prospects. Everything has to focus on that single aim. If design helps that’s ok. But more important is the message, the wording.

Do some split testing.

I found a couple of very good pages covering landing page design:






There’s an awful lot to consider building a landing g page. So I just decided to go ahead with what I learned so far and build my first landing page. I could always tweak and change it to improve the conversions.

I thoroughly studied what my visitors would get on clicking the button since a landing page has to state what the prospect is getting upon taking action.

The sales page consists mainly of a video stressing the dangers of commercial dog food. It gives three easy steps to prolong your dog’s life. Towards the end of the sales page there is a recipe for making healthy dog food.

I avoideded to mention the advantages of the product itself and concentrated on the things my visitors would get whether they buy the product or not.

I built a very simple landing page with a title banner and bulleted list of the things found in the video. I added two buttons redirecting to the sales page.

Such was my first landing page design. If you want to see what it looks like today go here. But it might have changed over time.

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