Best Keyword Finding Example

After having decided on the niche I want to enter it’s now time to do my keyword research. To find out what keywords my potential competitors are using I did a search on Google for “dog food secrets” and looked at the source code. Besides of having the keyword in […] Read more »

First Update

Just to keep track of my first journey with an internet project I decided to write regular updates. When I started with the preparation of this project I can’t really say. But it must have been around somewhere in September 2012. I started to build my blog, choose my theme […] Read more »

Introduction and Overview: Starting An Internet Business

Starting An Internet Business 150x150 Introduction and Overview: Starting An Internet Business

Hi and welcome to my brand new blog. My name is Rox Phaff. I am a chemist with PhD and worked over 20 years as such. Then the economic development hit me and I got unemployed. In this situation I had to come up with some ideas to earn my […] Read more »