Best Keyword Finding Example

After having decided on the niche I want to enter it’s now time to do my keyword research. To find out what keywords my potential competitors are using I did a search on Google for “dog food secrets” and looked at the source code. Besides of having the keyword in […] Read more »

Best Keyword Finding Methods

Best keyword is actually not the right term for what we mean here. The more accurate term is best  keyword phrase since that’s what we want to target. Single words are in nearly every case to broad. But since the term keyword is adopted throughout the internet I’ll stick to […] Read more »

Tips On How To Find Micro Niche Ideas

I don’t know about finding niches in acient buildings with help of divining rods. But that’s certainly not the way to find market niches. So how to find micro niche ideas? First let’s look at the question what a niche market is. The market are all the people world wide […] Read more »

Market Analysis Example

“A website built on the foundation of solid Online Market Analysis will always out rank and out perform a website that has not.” On PresentorWorks The sole purpose of market analysis is to evaluate your business opportunities in that market. If you want to start an online business the process […] Read more »

The Best Way to Find “Start Online Business Ideas”

I found the following article and recommend you read it before going into finding your start online business ideas. Elaine Curry wrote on Ezine Articles:: “Before you even take the first step towards starting an Internet business, long before you start thinking about domain names and design, you should think […] Read more »