What To Blog About? 13 Tips To Find Blog Post Ideas

What should be the most simplest of things can often be the hardest as well. When you are blogging for some time you may run into sort of writers block. You just can’t figure out what to blog about. This is a very unsatisfying and unproductive situation. If I run […] Read more »

How To Get Traffic To Your Website

Let’s face it: Without traffic there’s no point in having web presence. After having established your website be it a blog, static site or just an affiliate link the next question is how to get traffic to your website. If you look on the internet you can find very different […] Read more »

Top Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

Before I go into top affiliate programs for bloggers let me cite Bobby Ryatt on Article Surfing : “Believe it or not affiliate marketing can produce some impressive results in a reasonable amount of time.” And: “No matter what any advertisement tries to convince of otherwise, there is only one […] Read more »

First Update

Just to keep track of my first journey with an internet project I decided to write regular updates. When I started with the preparation of this project I can’t really say. But it must have been around somewhere in September 2012. I started to build my blog, choose my theme […] Read more »