How to start an Internet Business with no Money

StartAnInternetBusiunessWithNoMoney8 How to start an Internet Business with no MoneyAfter the industry age and the services age it seems that we are entering the information age. Next we have the internet which spreads all kind of information throughout the world. You have to consider these two things when you are asking yourself how to start an internet business with no money. In this article I will give you tips and tricks how to exactly do this. See also Dong Tang.

1. Inform yourself. But please don’t spend money on any information products especially not on get rich quick systems. You’ll find nearly all you need for free on the internet. So spend some time searching for things like: “how to start an internet business with no money”, “starting an internet business”, starting an online business for free” and so on. Be prepared to find an awful lot of information you’ll have to digest.

2. Decide on a business idea and check whether you’d have a market for it which means people who want to take advantage of your offer. There is a huge amount of business models out there. Focus on how to start an internet business with no money. You might offer services (see for example what a guest posted on john chows blog said), physical products or best of all digital products. The advantage of offering digital products is: you can produce them easily yourself or you can promote others people stuff as an affiliate. Payment and delivery can be totally automated. So you don’t have additional work with that.

3. Make a business plan or even better a “power plan” as David Mickelson calls it in his article.
Here you should cover things like:

Is your business idea valid? Does it have a market and does it fulfil the “how to start an internet business with no money” requirement?

What products and services are you going to offer and what is the sales process?

What is your business structure?

What is your marketing plan?

Validate the profitability. Keep track of how your business does in terms of profitability.

4. Install your platform. Do you want no platform, a static website or a blog. I highly recommend a blog since it’s extremely flexible and easy to use. You can have static pages, landing pages and sales pages within your blog. And best of all: you don’t need necessarily HTML knowledge although having some knowledge is an advantage. If you decide on having no platform you can place your affiliate links directly under your articles you write in article directories like
Keep in mind that this is about how to start an internet business with no money. So focus on free resources on the internet.

5. Establish and maintain your web appearance. Fill your platform with high quality 100% unique content and keep adding to it. Be creative. Use pictures videos and mp3 files in your blog. Add content 2 to 3 times a week.

6. Get your message out over the internet. This is the actual marketing and should consume most of your time. Do guest posting, leave StartAnInternetBusiunessWithNoMoney7 How to start an Internet Business with no Moneycomments on blogs and forums, write articles on article directories, post press releases, do social media marketing (facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.) and post videos on youtube.

7. Control and improve. Keep track of the successes and failures of your efforts and always strive for improvement.

8. Repeat and outsource. Once you were able to build a profitable business you can repeat the process in other niches. If you run short of time you can outsource parts or the lot of your businesses.

Last but not least: Now that you know how to start an internet business with no money, take action. Take action or nothing will happen. And start immediately or you will forget about the whole thing.

To your success!

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  1. Dung says:

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  2. Sunganani says:

    Starting an internet business with no money has several catches:
    1. You must be able to pay for internet connection or find someone who can.
    2. When you use free resources, you are at the mercy of the companies/people who own those free resources. So play nice until you can get your own site/blog

    My experience.

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