How To Find Micro Niche Ideas Example

FindMicroNicheIdeasExample How To Find Micro Niche Ideas ExampleI think it’s time to take action. First thing is finding a niche to enter. I have a wide variety of interests: Pets, especially dogs, internet marketing, painting, drawing, electronics, wine, perfumes, books, to grow plants. So how to find micro niche ideas which are profitable AND interesting to me.
I’m going to look on Google trends where the most interest is on the internet. I have no experience but I feel I should go for the niche which gets the most interest. This might be a mistake since smaller niches might have less competition. But I have to experiment and learn and this is my first try. Let’s have a look:

SNAG 2 How To Find Micro Niche Ideas Example

Now I’ll compare the other interests:

Finding Michro Niche Ideas 4

Since dog and books are the top searched for interests I’l compare those two:

I see that dog is the favourite. In the lower part of the window I find demographic information telling me that the English speaking part of the world is the best target audience. On the lower right side I see hot niches within the dog niche. And if I hit “Rising” I can see the trends.


From this I decide to go for dog food.

Since I decided to go for Clickbank offers to start with I’ll have a look at the Clickbank market place. So I type in “dog food” and see what it returns. Products are sorted by relevance. By the way I have CBSurge running so I can see at a glance which products are rated marketable. At this moment I find only two products which are rated marketable by CBSurge namely “Going Rawr! A Complete Guide To Putting Your Dog On A Raw Food Diet” and “Dog Food Recipes – Huge Seller!”.

I decide to go for “dog food secrets” although it has a difficulty rating of 60 (much higher than 40 which is the border according to CBSurge) and has an Alexa ranking above 100’000 (143’000).

I am following “The Newbie Workbook” being part of Micro Niche Finder. Since they advice to do a lot of article marketing I go over to Ezine Articles and search for the product (dog food secrets review). I found 7 articles with that key phrase in the title and 147 in total. The most recent one is from February 2011. So I went back tto Google trends to see what the trend is for “dog food secrets”. The trend fell continuously after the top in April 2007. But since October 2012 it’s growing again. Good for me.

Finally I have a look at Yahoo Answers to find out whether there are questions around healthy or dangerous dog food. There are plenty which is good. There are not as many open questions as desirable but the answered ones have mainly informative answers no commercial ones, which is good.

To be continued.

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